Real Estate Identity

We were approached by the real estate moguls, Hines, to rebrand I.M. Pei’s iconic “Black Diamond” building at 499 Park Avenue. Our response was a distinctive, contemporary logo using all lowercase and color breaks to separate the words.  We then supervised changing all the signage in the building, having created a brand manual with exact signage specifications.

Then, when six prime floors of 499 Park Avenue needed to be leased, so they came to us again to develop a mail campaign directed at high-end commercial real estate brokers. We stayed with the “Black Diamond” identity—using black envelopes, engraved in three colors. With an intentionally ambiguous message on the outside, these mailings look like a chic invitation, enhancing the probability that they get opened instead of tossed in the trash.

Shown here are: the building logo and signage; the signage manual; the sales folder; and the leasing mail campaign.

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  • Client Hines
  • Date July 1, 2016
  • Tags Professional Services

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